Arriving now…Soul  Realignment.

If you are stuck, repeating the same patterns and don’t know why, if you want to know about your karma and how it may be holding you back, then watch this space. I have now completed training in this new modality and will be offering soul transformation sessions in person and via skype in the next month or so. If you are quick the first 5 clients will be offered sessions at half price! It WILL be worth every penny.

Please see my Soul Realignment page for information.(click here)




Last summer I completed an internship in Tanzania with Homeopathy for Health in Africa!!! What an experience, seeing patients with symptoms Id never see at home such as AIDS, yellow fever, TB, as well as the ‘usual’ aches and pains, this was a trip of a lifetime. Seeing the improvement in patients after only one week on a remedy was truly inspirational. It has changed my was of prescribing and given me new insights and so if you have not been to see me in a while, or your a new patient wondering if homeopathy can help you, then please call to book an appointment. you’ll be glad you did!!!