Other Services Offered


Living in healthy home and work environments is vital to the health and well being of both you and your family.

Nikkens’ Vital Wellness is a concept based on a complete range of advanced technologies and natural products designed to protect you and your family from everyday obstacles to optimal well being- such as unseen pollution, inadequate diets and poor sleep patterns.

The technologies support good, long term health and well being by providing better quality of air, light, sleep, water and wholesome nutrition. The products are easily integrated into your life and home , are easy and efficient to use, create a healthier environment and become a way of life that can dramatically improve your quality of life.

I have been using the PiMag water filters for a while now and cannot recommend it highly enough. On days when I can smell the chlorine in my tap water I know that after it has been through the filter it will taste delicious, and be helping my body to stay healthy.

To see the range please go to www.nikken.com and if you wish to place an order please contact me.

Metabolic Detox

Metabolic detox can be undertaken for several reasons:

  • you know your toxic overload is high
  • you regularly work in unhealthy environments
  • you want to lose weight for the wedding
  • you are finding it difficult to conceive
  • your energy is low and you want to improve it
  • you wish to clear your system of the residue of medication which you are no longer taking

The detox takes place over 2 weeks and in this time you are asked to eat a particular list of foods, avoiding wheat , dairy, and certain vegetable groups which are indicated to trigger allergy symptoms. You will also be taking a set of well chosen supplements which assist the body in the processes involved in detoxification. There will be 3 days where you are on a liquid only diet including food replacement drinks and veggie soups, and this is designed to allow the gut to rest and allow the deeper levels of detoxification processes to occur.



It is an opportunity to try organic produce, eat a varied menu without the need for snacking, feel your energy and vitality improve and know that at the end you will have had a thorough detox.

So, if you need to lose weight, have had a history of taking medication, if you recognise you don’t eat as well as you could, or just know you need a safe, enjoyable, proven way to detox or lose weight please give me a call.

If you think you might need to detox, lose weight or just feel healthier please click here for more information.