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I recently attended my Master Reiki Training with Heidi. The training was amazing! It was just what I needed as I was still missing important information in my knowledge and Heidi managed to fill all the gaps. The training was at the right pace and Heidi made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I could not of hoped for more. The food provided by Heidi was delicious and was included in the very reasonably priced course. I now feel so much more confident about my Reiki practice and can’t wait to start teaching. I would certainly recommend Heidi to anyone wanting to train in Reiki.
J Livesey (Manchester)  


I have been fortunate to not only have homeopathy and reiki treatments from Heidi but also experienced her wonderful teaching. Heidi’s homeopathy skill is extensive and my healing has been profound. When I have had reiki healing treatments from Heidi, it has always been deeply relaxing and eased all of my aches and pains.

I benefited from the Deeksha process when I used to attend a regular group run by Heidi in my home town of Otley. I found Heidi’s style to be engaging and welcoming and Heidi herself to be very patient and kind. I would regularly marvel at the energy and warmth which emanated from the Deeksha sessions and really seemed to infuse the whole group. I would leave those evenings feeling very relaxed and much refreshed and would encourage anyone to try the Deeksha process with Heidi

For over 40 years psoriasis has been a problem for me particularly during periods of stress. Since having homeopathic treatment with Heidi I rarely have problems except when I have a cold, sore throat or virus. This has been a great blessing as psoriasis is an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition.

So I guess the treatment that sticks in my mind the most is when you had the salon in Bedale. You gave me Reiki but also Deeksha. The moment you attuned I felt a change in the room straightaway! As you placed your hands on my head it felt like my braincells were buzzing, it was as if I was having my mindset changed to reach the better place I needed to be at that time.

When I came in I was feeling pretty stressed and I guess overcome by the limitations of my health having Fibromyalgia. My breathing at first was pretty erratic, but as you carried on with my treatment, I felt bit by bit a peace wash over me, my breathing slowed and I felt calm and then still and in a better place to get maximum effect from your treatment.

As time went on I then felt I was receiving a lot of Spiritual information as my mind was freer and more receptive, I could have stayed in that moment forever!

I felt that I as an individual and therefore unique in my needs, that they were catered for, because of your unique ability to attune to such a high state seemed to instigate a higher quality of healing, that plus your absolute belief and want to heal me added to the experience and I felt that too.

I have been to others who have made me feel like Im paying by the hour and they are clock watching and its more about the money, the level of care was just not there, and when you are in such a sensitive state, you feel this and the healing just does not happen. The sad thing about this is that those who experience a bad healer may presume that the healing they were supposedly giving would be the same from anyone else. Not So!!!….

I would say from having other treatments that yours was amplified ten fold because of your experience, the fact you are genuine and really want to make a difference.

You have dedicated so much time and eaten into your free time to learn and share, you are one in a million and I know what you give so touches others. You cannot write or speak exactly of what you receive as a patient, it is all in the experience of receiving and it opens up a magic that shows you all things are possible.

I would and have recommended you to anybody who wants to improve their life in any way, shape or form. You have the tools but most of all the magic that can help make it happen.

Thanks Heidi from Shelly


In January this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and told I needed a double mastectomy. I was devastated !

Where health and related treatments are concerned I am normally extremely anxious, and I could feel my world falling apart and I was becoming more and more depressed.

Then a dear friend recommended Homeopathy….and more importantly HEIDI ! and although I wasn’t at all confident about Homeopathic remedies at that time.. I thought ‘What have I got to lose ?’

My first appointment with Heidi was just two weeks prior to surgery. I arrived home clutching a handful of specific remedies together with clear instructions as to how and when these should be taken, and more importantly exactly what results Heidi was anticipating.

As a lay person I cannot tell you how these tiny ‘pills’ work. All I do know is that I bless the day I met Heidi. Any apprehension concerning the surgery, and possible outcome went out of my mind, and I journeyed through the surgery and post operative days with very few problems, and a great feeling of well-being. My friends are astounded at my constant ‘I’m fine’ response when they enquire as to how I am.

I can only attribute my present state of mind AND my well being to HEIDI and her Homeopathic remedies. 

Meeting Heidi is a rewarding experience. She is a wonderfully warm person, easy to confide in. Heidi is very observant and intuitive and her knowledge and understanding of Homeopathy is phenomenal ! I would have no qualms in recommending Heidi to whoever I meet.



‘A treatment with Heidi is extremely relaxing, you forget all your worries and recharge your batteries while listening to wonderful relaxing music. You leave feeling light and positive and able to cope with life’s challenges.’


I completed my Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher training with Heidi in early 2010. I would recommend her highly – she made me feel completely at ease during the training, and provided plenty of valuable information and advice. The manuals are also of a high standard, as was the aftercare in being invited to take part in “Reiki Share” group, which I have really enjoyed.

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