Treatments Offered

Therapies Offered

When you come to see me you will be in for a ‘treat’ment!! If you are taking time out from a hectic life you will enter a calm, welcoming environment which will begin to have an effect before you even notice it. We can talk about your life, work, concerns and I’ll use my experience to offer you the most effective treatment option for you.
If you are looking to de-stress, it might involve meditation, or Reiki or accupressure facials. Health issues might require Reiki or deeper treatment involving Homeopathic remedies or allergy treatment.
If you are looking to ‘transform’ your life in some way we can explore that using Oneness Blessing, or one of my new spiritual workshops.
Whatever you are looking for I will hold the space for you to experience the possibilities my therapies can offer.


Alternatively, you can book for individual therapies as listed below;