Deeksha or Oneness Blessing

Do you have that voice in your head? the one that talks to you all the time, questions your actions, makes you doubt yourself, feel guilt, shame, responsible…
  • Deeksha is the name for a very simple transmission of high intelligence energy which initiates changes in the brain similar to that when we meditate, resulting in a quietening of the mental chatter.
  • There is also a deepening of the recipients consciousness into Oneness or inner peace and joy.
  •  Many experience relief from health problems, release of deep rooted stresses, feelings of limitless joy, energy and happiness or a deep stillness and contentment.

Gradually that voice in your head becomes quiet, you no longer challenge yourself and as a result your experience of life changes.

“I feel like I’ve been given a new pair of glasses, the world just seems to be more in focus, my mind is not so cluttered, and magically there just seems to be more time in my day! Amazing…”


Receiving DEEKSHA/ Oneness Blessing

I offer 121 sessions to enable you to receive the blessing and these are £30.  If you would like a more ‘intense’ experience over a longer session then please get in touch.  Please get in touch