Homeopathy is a safe, natural and effective system of medicine with over 200 years of practical application, which stimulates your body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

It is important to stress that if you have any health concerns it may be advisable to consult with your GP before entering into a programme of homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy can be very effective if you have had a condition for some time, and often offers an alternative approach which includes the opportunity for you to ‘offload’ (often a healing process in itself), to look at your lifestyle to help determine what may have caused your symptom to develop, and to look at alternative ways of dealing with the symptoms.

In homeopathy, we use small doses of natural substances, which are not tested on animals, and which are not addictive, to give relief from a number of conditions for which patients would normally consult their GP. In most cases we already have the ingredients in stock to make ALL the homeopathic remedies we will need and we use low impact processes to produce homeopathic medicines. This makes it ‘green medicine’ and environmentally friendly!

Patients are encouraged to attend at least three appointments initially, so that you will get the best from your homeopathic remedies and the most from the investment you make in your health. The number of sessions you will need will then depend upon the illness and your responses to the remedy. Many people find an improvement in their symptoms after just one remedy, whilst others may require further remedies. Patients often sleep better, feel ‘better in themselves’, and have more energy even though the symptom they came with has not completely gone . A rough guide is that it takes about one month for each year you have had the condition.

Although some symptoms may disappear quickly, patience and commitment is sometimes required to.

I currently offer a personal consultation at my practice in Bedale, North Yorkshire, however, I can make home visits in special circumstances.

Initial appointment is approximately one and a half hours £60

Follow up visits are £35
all remedies are included in this price


Allergy Treatments

Allergy symptoms can be a seasonal inconvenience or something which develops over time, often associated with overeating of a particular food group. The allergy therapy consultation aims to establish your lifestyle and eating habits and enables me to build up a picture of your allergy or intolerance and how it is affecting you.

I am able to treat common allergy symptoms such as hay fever and if you choose to undergo the process, you can be desensitised to pollen so that the symptoms are eradicated the following season.

The desensitising process involves taking a specially prepared remedy for 7 days and can be used to treat all kinds of intolerance to everyday foods, cosmetics, household products to environmental toxins.

Initial appointment is approx one and a half hours £60
Follow up sessions are £40 and include all remedies

For more information about allergy therapy, and the allergies and their treatment go to; www.allergy.org.uk

For more information about Homeopathy visit; www.homeopathy-soh.org