UK Reiki Federation approved courses, and workshops

 Training and workshops:

UK Reiki Federation Approved Courses for Reiki

I have had my Reiki courses verified by the UK Reiki Federation and the CNHC.

  • My courses are verified to a professional standard and are on the UK REiki Federation list of approved courses
  • They adhere to the National Occupational Standards and Core  Curriculum for Reiki
  • You can be assured of their standard and quality.
  • Attendance ensures direct entry onto the register of many governing bodies without the need for additional documentation
  • It is worth considering if you are planning on using Reiki in your business.
  • I teach all levels of Reiki.

For more information please get in touch.


Reiki One- For your self and family

This is suitable for anyone interested in working on their own spiritual development or as a healing pathway. The workshop gives you the basics of working with Reiki healing.

What is covered:

  • the origins of where it came from and how it was developed
  •  the lineage and why it is important
  • how Reiki heals and how you can use it on yourself, your friends and family,
  •  other ways of using it.
  • Three practical sessions so you can use reiki in a variety of situations
  • You will receive 4 ‘attunements’ to the energy over the 2 days

It will give you:

  • The benefits of reiki are far reaching as it balances and harmonises not only the physical body, but the mind and spirit so your experience of life changes for the better in many ways.
  • The class size is never more than 4 so that I can give you individual attention and ongoing support
  • Confidence in being a channel for the energy and being comfortable with the flow
  • Personal attention and support
  • Confidence and knowledge of the basic techniques to heal your self, family and friends

Level One: for your personal healing

2 days training, lunches, manual and certification £220

Fri 26th and Sat 27th April 2024

Fri 24th and Sat 25th May

Fri 28th and Sat 29th June

Fri 19th and Sat 20th July

Fri 6th and Sat 7th Sept.


other dates to be confirmed, but please get in touch if you are interested.





Reiki Two- Take Reiki deeper

Level 2 increases the energy available to you and allows you to ‘focus’ it for particular uses including emotional healing and sending Reiki to someone who is not able to be with you in person. This level is traditionally thought of as the Practitioner level and many use it as their next step into beginning practice. It is on the UK Reiki Federation list of approved courses.

what is covered:

  • you will learn 3 sacred symbols and how to use them
  • there is a single attunement to level 2 energy
  • when to use level 1 or level 2 energy
  • how to send distance healing
  • a practical healing session using the symbols
  • meditation
  • Practitioner development, setting up a reiki practice and what is involved
2 days training, lunches, manual £240  (certification included if you are not doing the verified process).

Dates are the same as those above though if they don’t work for you please other dates available please get in touch!


Verified Certification Process

If you are intending on studying Reiki with the intention of using it in Professional Practice then you will be required to complete additional work. In order to comply with the NOS and Core Curriculum you will be asked to prepare some simple case studies, to record the hours of reiki you both give and receive and to complete a questionnaire.

I will mentor you during this process in a 121 session, as part of  study days, reiki share attendance and through the verification of your work. At the end of the process you will be awarded the certification which will allow you direct entry onto the registers of UK Reiki Federation and the CNHC without further need for verification of your qualification.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss doing level 2 with me even if you have done level one elsewhere.

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Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Would you like to take your ‘journey’ with Reiki to the next level?  We will review your journey so far, look at new ways and techniques to use the energy and you will receive initiation into Master level. This class will be for your personal journey and will stimulate even higher vibration of energy for you to access in your healing work. Should you decide to become a teacher then there is a further class to undertake to complete your training.

1 days training, manual, certification and lunches £250


Master Teacher 

On this  course we will explore everything you need to do to be able to teach reiki to others. We will develop you reiki manuals and resources for teaching, and you will learn how to attune others to reiki energy.

1 days training, manual, certification and lunches £300


Verify Your Training
If you have undergone Reiki training which was not a course verified by the UK Reiki Federation, and find that you need to update your certificate in order to apply to one of the governing bodies for membership I offer a session to cover this. We will book some time to check your training and see if there are any gaps, compared to the Core Curriculum and then once you have completed the required documentation (including some basic cases studies) I will issue you with your validated course certification.
One day bespoke 121 session with lunch and certification £150

for further information contact me.

NEW!   CPD Training Days.


Flowing with Reiki – 6 hours CPD

‘Whatever your level or type of Reiki this one day workshop will give you extra ‘tools’  to help you to deepen your process with Reiki. You will meet other Reiki practitioners, share skills and experiences and enjoy both giving and receiving Reiki in new ways. If you would like to gain CPD points, update your skills or just share a day with like minded people this is the workshop for you!

One day training, lunch, handouts and certification £90

Next course is on Friday 2nd Feb 2024 10.00am- 5.00pm . Limited spaces so booking essential.


Time out with Reiki Day.  6 hours CPD.

This ‘away day’ give you time out to be with Reiki for a whole day! We will do some meditation, have a re-attunement to your level of Reiki, use Reiki to take our journey deeper and do some work with crystals.

Certification, handouts and lunch included.  This experience will cost you £90 for the day.

Friday 1st March 2024 10.00-5.00pm  limited places so booking is essential


Crystal workshop

Would you like to spend the day learning the basics of using crystals? Learn how to enhance your healing practice by using them. Practical aspects such as how to recognise, choose,cleanse and program them. We will look at particular emotional issues and select crystals to help heal them, as well as some practical sessions in using crystals.

Next course date is FRIDAY 21st June 2024
CPD hours 6 hours cost £120 for the day- there are LOTS of handouts!!

limited places so booking is essential.

from 10.00am-5.00pm

Cost £120






Group Work

I love getting people together to do group work. When groups of people come together to focus on a particular issue then energetically the healing is stronger and the healing more profound. I have run several workshops, organised healing fairs to introduce the public to a range of therapies available, and  I run regular meditation and healing evenings.

Deeksha at Sentry Circle

This is a picture from an event we did at our local stone circle.

Meditation and Healing Evenings.

I run a meditation and healing evening twice a month which is free to attend. We use a variety of techniques to achieve stillness and quieten the mind, so if you are a novice or more experienced at meditation we will be able to accommodate you. We work in group to focus on a particular issue and then use Oneness Blessing to generate healing. You do not need to be able to give during the session, just come and experience the healing.


Next date:

For dates of the next meeting please get in touch.