About Me

meThe flow of life can be difficult for everyone and I have had my fair share of difficult times. Back injury, job relocation, marital breakdown, illness, but when I hit the lowest ebb I found Reiki and began my healing journey.

My  use of  Reiki has brought me an awakening to All That Is and underpinning that is a connection to Source. This connection now guides and guards me and when Im able to truly listen I  feel lighter and at One.
Reiki has brought me a deep understanding of the inter-connectedness of all things  and  that knowing informs my work. The practice of Reiki is about that connection, and as a practitioner allowing the Source to create an environment for transformation within us all. I offer to create the space for you to allow that to happen.

My transformation entered a new phase when I discovered Oneness Blessing (Deeksha). After only a few one hour sessions I was drawn to India to undertake a three week intensive silent  retreat. During this process I discovered an even stronger connection to Source than I had through Reiki. This connection is with me 24/7 but especially so when Im in the treatment room with a client. It is the part of me that seeks to serve all, rather than to self-serve.

Building a relationship with Source, is a profound journey and one that brings us amazing experiences – we move through memories anchored in our childhoods or in previous lives, in order to release them from our body so that we can more easily find our Soul connection;  we may have one-ness experiences or become more aware of the nature of our consciousness and explore its boundaries. Committing to a personal spiritual journey is a brave step because it is a commitment to change and most of us are frightened of change as we fear the emotional honesty and possible catharsis that will follow any type of self-examination. It requires us to awaken to the illusions of the mind that manipulate our daily life and keep on awakening to them every day.

If you choose to attend one of my workshops you will be signing up for a transformation! Reiki will do it gently and slowly, like a loving mother who wants to keep her child safe. You will slowly unfold with use of the energy and in time you will be aware that subtle things have changed for you. Take the journey further, using homeopathy, or Deeksha and I will help you explore deeper.  You are in charge of your journey.  Personal empowerment is at the heart of spiritual and personal transformation and this begins as you own the choice of path you have made.

Join me now!

My journey has brought me the understanding that we are so much more than a mind and a body but that our bodies and minds are keys that we can use to shift our levels of awareness so that we can move beyond our current patterns of thoughts and behaviours in order to rest more easily in the deeper truths of who and what we are.

My Qualifications

  • 2002 NCFE Certificate in Basic Counselling – Darlington College
  • 2004 Reiki Master Teacher – UK Reiki Federation
  • 2005 Diploma in Crystal Healing – New Age Foundation
  • 2007 Diploma in Homeopathy (Dip Hom) – Yorkshire School Homeopathy
  • 2008 Initiation as Deeksha/Oneness Blessing Facilitator – India
  • 2009 Diploma in Allergy and Environmental Therapy – British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy
  • 2013 Certificate in Therapeutic Nutrition – Courses Direct Distance Learning
  • 2014 Initiation into Munay-Ki Rites – Yorkshire
  • 2015 Hopi Ear Candling
  • 2018 Soul Realignment Practitioner

Continuing Professional Development

As a member of several governing bodies who maintain a register of approved practitioners I am required to undertake regular CPD activity. Each year I have to submit evidence that I am undertaking regular knowledge updates and undertaking activities to enhance my knowledge and experience.

CPD activity for 2019 included:

  • attendance at Reiki share events
  • attendance at and delivery of presentations at homeopathy CPD meetings
  • talks to local WI groups
  • attendance at Soul Regresssion workshops
  • reading current awareness bulletins from my governing bodies
  • Soul Realignment  Practitioner Training

I have also recently completed a 4 day training course on iridology for homeopaths, ( ‘the eyes are the window of the soul’ ) and iridology uses interpretation of eye characteristics to inform us of possible illness susceptibility, development of disease within the body or even karmic patterns  so get in touch if you are interested!